Sunday, January 18, 2015

Illustrated Faith with Shanna Noel

Good Morning,

This weekend I took an Illustrated Faith Workshop with Shanna Noel.

She is teaching her Illustrated Faith Workshop at the Little Blue House.  And
because  I work there too, I listened in on 4 more classes as well.  I knew what
 I wanted to learn from taking this class, but I never guessed I would be
blessed hearing their testimonies.

Stop and think of all of the people we come into contact with on a daily basis.  
It can be surprising how many we actually interact with and not 
know them. Servers at restaurants, cashiers, delivery service,
the list goes on, which can leave us feeling alone and disconnected. 

This weekend I had the opportunity to come into contact with 72
class attendees, 9 staff, and at least 20 shoppers not attending class.

That's incredible!

I don't really know what is going on in their lives.  This peek into the
walk they are walking was emotional and makes me thankful for each
and every person I get to help when they come into my shop.

To help us understand her process we listened to a portion of a sermon
that was about turning away from bad habits and start fresh or "reboot" as
the pastor had put it.  I commented in my last post that I am not a resolution 
maker but I reevaluate regularly, or reboot. As as sort of mission statement for
 this journey into my bible study time, that is almost non-existent
lately since keeping my mom on the weekends.  I don't want to leave
 her alone for the 3 hours we spend at church so I have been only a
handful of times this past 6 month.

I started with a reminder banner on the inside cover.
Using a printed label from Shanna, I stared with and
encouraging statement...Be Brave, Be faithful Be Lovely.
And added things I should say out loud in the mirror each day, LOL,
I used Faber Casteel Pitt pens in Blues.

And for my first page relating to the Reboot Sermon
I wrote my notes to help remind me of Why I'm to do this.

For me the first two are easy enough to remember but
to always remind my self to be forgiving because I am Forgiven.
That's harder for a lot of people. And Me too.

I am a doodler.  So I hand wrote and lettering.This makes me want to
read my notes again and again.  So I will be keeping my Pitt Pens
and colored pencils nearby to beautify my notes.

To check out Shanna's Entries click here:

or here for her Pinterest page:

But this is just the start for the LBH.
We will have monthly meetings starting in February and
you need not have come to the original workshop.

Call us at the LBH at 817-431-7930.
Registration is requested as we have limited
 seating but group meet time is FREE.

All you need to start is a Bible and a Journal pen.
we'll share with rest with you in class.

Thanks for stopping in today.

Merry Creating!


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