Thursday, January 15, 2015

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2015

Good Morning,

How is the start of 2015 going for you???

It seems that I have such high hopes going into a New Year.  
In reality it is just another day when you let things like
illness, long work days, or family obligations get the better of you.

I am trying to stay my happier self but I didn't expect some of these to
get to me so early in the year.  I am not one to make resolutions.  
Most of the declarations of change that  I make come
 readily and steadily throughout the year.  I DO let things go at the end of the year.
That should be something to work on, but I have 11 months to get there.

My crafting time halted through December.  But I can be thankful that I 
work in a creative place that will put that back on the schedule.

 I stayed home a lot more tending with an ageing mother which set aside 
my nature walks with my friends. But I am thankful for 
this time with my Mom. Some people don't get that opportunity.

It seem that the What EVER strain of flu or cold virus is out here
my family got it at some point through out November and
 December and then round two in January for a few of us.  But I am thankful for the 
family all being home together during the school break to help out one another .  

So as we head into 2015, I will raise my hopes for an improved year, look forward 
to the great things that will happen, learn from the not so great things that will happen, and 
remember that God is in charge and I am in His hands through all of it.

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2015.

Rhonda Merry



  1. It's going to be a great year! Ready to get your hands busy??? Lots of designing to do!!!

  2. Happy New Year Rhonda.. I hope things brighten up for you soon. It's the same here with illnesses at the moment x x

    1. Thanks Louise, I'm sure they will, Speedy recoveries to you too.

  3. Just wanted to pop over and thank you for your condolences. I hope you are feeling better soon. I'd love to send you a little sunshine and warmth but January in Nebraska doesnt bring much of that at all. Counting down the days until Spring!!