Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Calendars, Links & Other Stuff

Good Morning,

Posting lately has been difficult because I have no completed  projects 
to show you. Not since my little New Years board.
I have been working on a Scout album for a young man who has
earned his Eagle badge, but nothing else. I will post pictures after
I have completed and returned the album to its owner.
What I am hoping to do is update you on a few other things.
First, my decluttering has, so far, been a huge success. In the past 
10 days I have 4 large shopping bags to donate, filled the recycle bin, 
repaired a lamp(of which has been broken for about two years)
and tossed a few things that I really don't know why 
I was hanging on to in the first place.  Each task has motivated me 
so much that I am on day 16 of the Declutter and Organize Calendar 
from My Simpler Life.  The donation truck will be here Friday the 13th.
Perfect timing to clear some more space for the next set of tasks.
(Note to self: gotta remember to text the family to put the stuff
on the porch before school on Friday.)

Being ahead on the decluttering is great because
I am going on a retreat this weekend with my sweet friend Sandra.  
We will be going to Hobby House Hill in Bowie, Texas.  I haven't been
there before so I am excited to be able to try a new bed and breakfast. 
Food will be prepared for us, there is a jacuzzi, which sounds
nice but you have to get out some time and the weather is suppose
to hover around 40 degrees.  (NO Thanks! Don't like the cold part.)
Anyways, it is here that I have high expectations of getting some
pages done for several scrapbooks.
(Please let the creative juices flow all weekend long!Pleeeeease.)
My Retreat To Do List:
Complete Scout Album(2 occasions with lots of photos)
Catch up on Kyle's High School Album(4 occasions, minimal photos)
Add to Kimberly's School Album(3 occasions, minimal photos)
Add to Family Album (1 large trip to New York with too many photos)
Add photos of last years retreat w/ friends to my Savoring Summer book
from Studio Calico
Add to Morgan's album(6 occasions with a few photos each)
    Side note: My sister is a Photographer. She photographs 
wedding, Senior and family portraits.  She edits and loads them on a disk and 
sends them off to her clients.  And the pictures are beautiful. 
She has a husband and one sweet daughter who is the inspiration for the rest of her 
photography, sometimes willing participants and sometimes not so much.
She saves all of those pictures in shoe boxes and
says, "Your the creative one, can you put these in an album for Morgan?" 
Well, of course I can 'cause I love looking at pictures of Morgan as much
as I love looking at pictures of my own kids. 
Even better is that I have been able to see all of the fun things
that Morgan does when we can't be with her.
The next update is about the winter projects at the Little Blue House.
They are starting to roll out and they are Oh! So Cute!!
Stop by the Blog to get an update of what the store is doing.
 Then, check under the Little Blue House Buffet tab
 to see all of the most recent projects available. Then check out the
Specialty Workshops tab. Or stop by the store
and look at them up close.  (Did I mention that they are really adorable!?)

Upon returning from my retreat, we will be celebrating my daughters
16th birthday.  WOW! brain says, "No it's not true,"
the rest of me says..."Uh! yeah it is!"

Shortly after it will be time for:

A trip with the LBH Gals for the
2012 Winter Craft and Hobby Association Convention
in Anaheim, California. 

The place where we have to make the tough decisions!
(read the following with one hand gripping your shirt at your heart and the
other arm thrown across your forehead using a dramatic voice.)
Oh, to be thrust into a room with all of that beautiful paper, trim,
paints, embellishments, lotions&potions, and tools, celebraties, sample projects
and Make'n'Takes, and to have to make decissions on
 what to bring to the LBH and what to leave behind.
(fade to black)

Well, maybe not that bad but it is hard.

You can join us too.
You will want to keep up with the LBH blog while we are away.
Miss Tracy has a few contests up her sleeve.  We'll be posting
little sneak peaks from some of your favorite vendors and
 looking for goodies to give away as prizes. 

It is going to be a fast and furious month for me.
I am ready with excitement and anticipation.

That's it for now.  Sorry there are no pictures, Blogger
is not displaying the upload button for me today.  But, everything is linked
to its corresponding website.  I hope that helps.

And now to link you to my favorite website: PINTEREST
Just because I like them!
(And if you need and invite to join the site leave me a
comment and an e-mail address and I will send you one.)

Merry Creating Everyone!



  1. Hi Rhonda - thank you for leaving me the decluttering link......there are some good tips and ideas on there. I love have a good sort out, it has started here this week too - three boys wardrobes sorted!

    Enjoy your retreat - i'm sure the creative juices will keep you going and I look forward to seeing all your projects x

  2. What a great post! You are getting so much accomplished! Me not so much...

  3. Lucky lucky you going to CHA!!! sigh...