Sunday, January 1, 2012

Let's Get Started

My first project reveal of 2012
was my last project made in 2011
A little party hat and some glittery titles to
ring in the new year
Do you have a magnet board?

Last summer the Little Blue House made some adorable kits
to change throughout the year. They have long sold out but they
were so cute.  Click here to check them out.
(you'll have to scroll way down to the summer projects to see them)

After Kyle's Birthday I had put the "Celebrate" board away and while
cleaning up the craft table I ran across it again so I whipped out
this little New Years kit.  Afterwards the "2012" will go into the scrapbook. 

Our family actually had a pretty nice 2011.  Our Texas Tech son is
almost ready to graduate, our FRHS senior has been accepted at
his college of choice and will be joining his brother at Texas Tech.
And our daughter is working on her drivers ed. packet.  Our jobs have
kept us all just busy enough to enjoy both the work place and our hobbies.
And we have been able to see family and friends on our
vacations and weekenders. And the setbacks were enough to
learn from but small enough to not bring us down.

We hope for the same blessings in 2012.

Are you into making the New Years Resolutions?
I'm not, but I do like to start the new year with
a good project.  In the past it has been the yard or the garage.
Last year we started 2011 with an organizational feature
at the Little Blue House.
(Click here to see how to organize your craft areas.)

This year I am going to tackle the whole
house with the help of this calendar:

When I was thumbing through the calendar I was pleased to see that most of
the tasks will be done in minutes.  It also touched on areas
that I hadn't even considered but once they are done I know I will
be a very happy girl.  It is going to serve as a good reminder for me. 
I'm excited about this one.

Tell me what your project goals or resolutions are. 
Maybe it will be something we can do together!

Merry 2012 everyone!
 From the Merry Family!

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  1. Happy New Year Rhonda - lovely family photo. I haven't made any resolutions....but have lots of things i'd like to achieve this year. Here's to a great 2012!