Monday, July 18, 2011

Time To Retreat!!

  I have gathered all of my pictures and projects and
I am ready to go. Some of my projects have been
waiting to be completed for while and I hope to get those
completed first. But, I think I may have more
ambition to get things done than I have time for.

After packing up everything, it looks as though
 I have too much to do.  Something must have
multiplied in their hiding places.

Maybe if I set a realistic Goal. 
Half of the projects competed! i could be happy with that.

Did you know?
While we are at our scrapbook retreat,
 the Little Blue House is having a 
Looky-Doo Sale.
For more information check out the LBH Blog.

These kits are double page layouts and Oh! So! cute!
You can take them home or reserve a seat, at no cost, 
and work on them at the store.

Well, I have some work to do!

I'll check in with you later.


1 comment:

  1. You were so productive at retreat - I especially love your canvas with your dad. Have fun these next few days!