Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oh, So Nice to Get Away...

It has been so fun crafting with the Little Blue House Gals. There was so much 
talent and so many ideas flowing it was easy to get things done.

You should check out their blogs too. I have them listed on the sidebar.

Here are the projects I did  on the first 
half of my retreat this week.

This one is of my Dad and the team of mechanics he worked 
with at the Rapid Transit District in Calif.  It was taken back 
in the 30's and I have been wanting to display it for a long time. 
I finally got it on this small canvas.

The rest of my projects were all classes at the Little Blue House.
I love to take their classes, it just gets a little hard to schedule 
when your working during class time.  So this week has been 
perfect. It was all about the holidays for me.
 I changed my heart from glitter to metal and embossed it.
Love it!

The April Scrapstasher class was this cute flip Mini Album.  
Of course all were from the papers each person brought. 
I had these and added a lot of my cream cardstock scraps.
 And then I used all of those little doodads to embellish.
I love paper folding too. I add a little
paper ruffle to lots of my pages.

 The Pretty Pinwheels are double sided. 
We used patriotic papers on one side 
and summer colors on the other.  
I think they turned out great. 


For Halloween we have my friends Witch Hazel and Punkin' Head.
They have been sitting in pieces since last year and
now they are complete. Yea! Susan Tidwell has such a
knack for these altered art characters.
Punkin' Head...he's so funny.

I had painted this little canvas and didn't know what to do 
with it after it was painted.  It went into a zip top with a few 
Halloween leftovers and so when I pulled it out this week 
here is how that went together.

And for December I have a new ornament,  again from project 
extras that all went into a zip top without a purpose.
You may remember the tree from a post I did last December after I 
bought the tree die.  Then I studded it with all sorts of 
brads, inked the edges and done.  It too sat in the same zip top
bag waiting for something to adorn.

Now that these are all caught up, It's time to work on 
some scrapbooks.



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  1. You had a very productive retreat - each project is fabulous I especially like how you've displayed the photo of your dad xx