Monday, July 11, 2011

Retreat Prep: Part II

Good Morning,

There are lots of things I want to tell you today.  I hope you have the time to read through.

A couple of weeks ago we talked about getting ready for a Scrapbook Retreat.  I had encouraged you to get an early start on your photo sorting which is key to getting them into your scrapbooks. Then, what I like to do next is gather the papers and embellishments to go with my pictures and bag them into a large zip top bag to keep everything together and in order.  Once that is done they get filed into my rolling bag to take to the retreat.

Check your tool bag. The next thing I like to do is prepare is my tool bag.  I love tools and have lots of them. There is nothing worse then not having the right tool to finish a job.  That applies to scrapbooking too.   For classes at the Little Blue House we ask our students to bring the "Basics":
Paper trimmer and Scissors
Adhesive: Tape Runner, Glue Dots, Pop Dots,
Quick-Dry Liquid Adhesive
Small Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
Glossy Accents or Diamond Glaze
Cropadile or Hole Punch
Tacky Tape
Black and Brown chalk ink pad
Black Journaling Pen

This is the same list I start with for my projects too. 

Stock up on the consumable items.  Check to see if you have full bottles of adhesive, full packs of glue dots, full rolls of tacky tape.  Make sure your ink pads have not dried out, and that your journal pens still write, then make a shopping list.

Since many of us work on budgets, I check these items a couple of weeks before the retreat so that I have time to buy what I need.  If I have a partial bottle of anything I will buy an extra to have a back up.  If you have gone through your photos and projects then you have an idea of what you may need to complete the project. I don't like to have to set a project aside because I didn't get enough adhesive for the job.

Waiting until the last minute can be costly if your low on everything or you chance the store being out of stock.  If that's the case, then traveling to other stores to stock your supply when your trying to get to your retreat may get a little frustrating.

For me, my retreat is an opportunity to relax with friends, doing the hobby that I love. I don't want to get myself frustrated before arriving there.

What to bring. The next thing to decide is what large tools you want to bring.  In the days before Cricuts, Ellisons and Cuttlebugs we brought our circle cutter and a few punches. 

Now, there are so many innovative tools available that many of us own at least one. Having these tools is handy at home but when it comes to packing them up, what stays and what goes with us? Coordinating with the rest of the group is a good way to have all the tools you want without taking all of your own,  If you have a small group one  Cricut and a BigShot may be enough.  If you have a larger crowd then maybe two of you bring your machines.  Then, maybe someone else can bring the cartridges or embossing folders so that the packing doesn't get overwhelming for one person.

Also, check to see what the retreat place has to offer.  Many times they will have some of the machines for you to use and all you have to bring is your own folder, die or cartridge. 

Narrow it down.  Now that you have what machines are going, how do you decide on what supporting supplies to bring. If you know you are working on Vacation photos, then just bring the items that have to do with that theme.  Then maybe one or two items that are generic for other projects. 

If you are working on your Christmas pictures and you know that someone else will be working on their Christmas also, suggest that they bring their Christmas cartridge and folders and you will cover the vacation ones.  Coordinating this way will allow you to pack lighter and have the tools to complete pages.  

Another way to get the supplies you want and not double up on things is to have sign-ups for who brings what. Maybe the stamper brings their stamp supplies, the altered artist brings her paints and base mediums and the friend that has been having fun with mists brings her mists and masks.  Then if room permits at the retreat, make stations where everyone will be able to use the items.  This gives everyone a chance to try something new and again, keeps the packing lighter for each of you.  

No matter what you decide to bring with you, make sure your stuff is labeled.  This way you can be sure it all gets back to you at the end of the weekend. 


The Little Blue House

The week of July 19-22 that the LBH Gals are on retreat.
The LBH will be having FREE daytime crops and  
with the crops we will be having a
 Looky-DO Kit sale.
The LBH Gals have pulled all of the past class page layouts together and
have made up some new page layout kits for you to purchase. 
We figure we could help you get caught up on
your scrapbooks while we do the same. 

PLUS, there are new class projects starting on July 23 when the
LBH Gals return. Check out the new classes.  you'll love them.
Here are a few sneak peaks. 

You can see more at

Here is a list of retreat B&B's that I have been to over the years. 
Every one of these places I have enjoyed and
would go back to visit again.
  If you are looking for a place to go,
check these out.

Retreats to try:

Oak Street Cottage:

Saline Creek Farm:


  1. have a lovely time on your retreat, lucky you xx

  2. Just the thought of having to pack paralyzes me. lol. There's no retreating in my future!

  3. Fabulous post Rhonda and so timely! I need to start packing!

  4. Have a fabulous retreat!!!! Love the info on packing 'cause I never pack right!