Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It Was a Good Try....

but my fireworks photography was a bit of a fail.
Not too exciting a picture.

  We were in an area with too much light near us and there was
a building hindering part of the show from where we parked. 
But, the evening with family was fun and what we could see
 was still pretty. They just didn't capture well.   

Happily, other shots of the day came out well. 
 Our flag flying on the front  porch looked fantastic.

When shopping for our dinner, we saw these balloons
just screaming Happy 4th of July.  I couldn't resist taking a picture.
They made me and my MIL smile.

So the 4th of July LO's are going to look a little different
 than I had thought, but it's all good.  The day was
 hot but beautiful and time spent with the family was fun.

I'll have to work on the fireworks photos next year.

Next up, our Front Porch Kits have been selling well. 
There are some left but not many. 
And if there wasn't enough in the gallery to look at,
Miss LollyChops has a LIVE tutorial to share with you on
Wednesday June 6th at 8:30pm.
Here is what she is going to make.
Too Cute Miss Lolly!!


Lastly, a little update on the Retreat Prep.
Another reason to start gathering photos early.
I had printed pictures from a trip that my son and hubby took
to the Floriada Keys from an underwater camera.
 I thought that was it.
  When I started looking for pictures from the California vacation,
I asked for the ones from DH's phone. And to my Surprise! there
were more Florida pictures. I'm glad I started early.

Happy Summer Day Everyone!



  1. Girl, I had to laugh if nothing but because I don't ever bother with fireworks! It's like watching my tax dollar exploding and burning in mid-air, not good, LOOOOOOOOOL
    Go ahead and call me debbie downer :) lol

  2. Your fab balloon photo makes up for the firework one. I struggle with firework photos, usually because i forgot to set the camera to bulb xx