Monday, June 6, 2011

One Sunny Day Kit

Hello everyone,

It has really been a jammed packed couple of weeks
for the Little Blue House and the Gals. It started with prepping
 for an Open House in early May, Having the Open House
mid-May, prepping for the Front Porch kits site and
Great American Scrapbook Convention, having the kit reveal
 and now we prep for the classes that are coming up. 
We have filled 3 Buffet Sessions solid, and half filled
several others.  Whew!  Maybe things can normalize now. 
 I think I needed to recap the month of May to see
 that YES! things get done when you work at it. : )

Here is the booth we set up at GASC. 
We had such a great response.
Lots of choppers wearing our little flower
 Make-n-Take.  Thank you to everyone who visited us.
And thanks you to those who made it up to the
store on Friday and Saturday.
It was really great to get to know you.
Now is when I usually let you know that if you missed last
 nights webcast featuring the new kit from Front Porch Kits that
 you can link up here.  But we were having so many technical
 difficulties with our computers, I don't know what got recorded.
  We had about 5 computers in the store trying to help the crowds
 with tutorial info, winnings and LBH questions. 
Some of our viewers couldn't see that they were logged
 in but some of us could. A few of us had little or no
 sound, but the audience could hear fine. 

So if you did log in we were glad to have you,
check out the webcast, I think you will enjoy it. If you
 would like to see all of the projects click here for
the gallery. It's beautiful.

Here is the card I made from the "One Sunny Day" kit.
The card is a simple one. Just a couple of layers, ribbon and
a chipboard frame that I inked and glazed.
The stamp is from Tim Holts' new collection
"Stuff To Say"

Here in the Merry house, now that school is out.  We are getting ready
a fun filled vacation.  The next project was inspired by that upcoming trip.

 The book surfaces are Canvas board, Chip board,
pages protectors and Acrylic sheet pages I had
 left over from past projects. And because the covers
were tall, I added 2 more book rings to help bind it.
 Everything was embellished with the items in the kit.

Some of the events that we will be attending
I have already started to add into the book,

This will go with me so that I have all of the
necessary information on hand for each thing
we do. 

And then there is space to add more memorabilia
as it is collected.

Usually my journals are not this elaborate. But this kit
was so appropriately named for my California trip,
how could I pass up this opportunity to make
such a fun book.

The banner pages are from the Maya Road
pennant banners that are include in the kit.

The last few pages are for the rest of the trip.  The
days where we will be by the pool or on the beach doing
very little hopefully. 

The last page was made from the mesh sheet also included
in the kit.  I made the binding from the denim
and then found some eyelets to punch through to
hook onto the rings, but being the over anxious crafter that
i sometimes am, the eyelets were too small.  But I let the
cute factor cloud my logic. I should have made sure they would
fit onto the rings.  UGH!  So plan "B"... glue it onto the back cover.
It works for me!

A bit of news...
The Blog for Front Porch Kits went LIVE today.
Check it out and become a follower at
We will be posting projects, tutorials, and
contests pertaining to the Front Porch Kits.
I am so excited.

Thanks for stopping by today.

Have a wonderful week and craft
something fun for your summer break.



  1. we have a while to go yet before our summer vacation here in (not so) sunny England!! Your book is amazing and will look wonderful full to the brim of your summer adventures. Have fun xx

  2. What a gorgeous book Rhonda! I am so sad that I had to miss GASC and see the booth in person, but the photos are just awesome.