Friday, June 17, 2011

Summertime and the livin' is easy

That is, once you get to your destination.
 I love roadtrips.  Even though the driving can sure give you a sore back,
achy shoulders and sweaty palms. But I love the changing scenery,
the music on the stereo iPod, and the time with the kids.  
24 hours of drive time and a captured audience.
Me....not the kids. 
They can tell me anything while I am driving.  
Even some of the things I may have gotten angry about. Like 
the scuffles they had with other kids at school that I may have 
been tempted to go talk to teachers about, or the stunts pulled 
at home while Mom and Dad went to the market. 
A roadtrip is so worth it doing!
And worth the wait to get to our favorite place...the Beach.
The smell of the ocean , the sound of the waves, 
The warm sand on my usually cold feet,
the warm sun and cool breezes. (smile)
The palm trees look cute speckling the horizon.
I love this place.

Well, while on vacation there will be minimal chance for crafting 
but that's ok, I have lots of family and friends to see, lots of pictures 
to take and a book waiting to be filled when I return home.
  I can make up the crafting time with that.
And there are a couple of scrapbook stores to visit.
Gotta do my share to help the economy, right?!

Happy Sunning Everyone!



  1. looks beautiful Rhonda, have fun, relax and enjoy. It's done nothing but rain here today so please send some sunshine this way xxx

  2. Enjoy your vacation Rhonda.. it sounds like a wonderful time lays ahead!