Monday, January 24, 2011

Get It Together: Week 3

Good Morning, are you ready to start on the next item of Organization???
This week we are going to work on our Large Embellishments.  This will include stickers and sticky backed items, sticker letters, carded buttons or flowers, journal cards, and anything that can not easily come off of the manufactures packaging and is larger then the slot of your small embellie storage.   

Like most of you, I love to pick up the latest new line of paper and the coordinating embellies.  Once I return home I will put away my new items so that I have them when I am ready to work.  (The worst thing we can do is to leave it in the shopping bags they were brought home in.  Bags get shuffled left and right and product gets forgotten or lost and our craft spaces get cluttered.)

 Next I will  separate the papers into zip top bags with their matching embellies. I then shop in my stash of stuff to add to the bag.  I may not use all of the embellies gathered, but they are there so that I have a variety to choose from.  The zip top also allows me to grab the items quickly when I am preparing for a crop or creating at The Little Blue House.

When I have finished with my project I will then determine if I have enough for another(usually a LO).
I will then reshop my stash and place the new items back into the zip top bag. 
If I do not have enough for another project, I will then sort the items into their proper homes.
Paper sheets go with paper, or with other themed items like holiday, travel, etc.
Scraps into its home (more on that in another post), the small embellies by color into the embellie boxes, and the large embellies to their homes which is one of several places.  The first is the pockets of the small embellies bag. It is roomy enough to hold all that I have.

Another is for Chipboard which has been a trouble spot for me.  It does not have
color to sort so for this I have a set of Sterlite drawers. I purchased them for
 about $12 each at my local Wal-Mart (wait for a sale they will come down to about $8 then.).
And since they are not portable they stay at home unlike my other small embellies. But if you shop your stash regularly then this will get you using your items before shopping for more.

Ribbon goes into the ribbon boxes that we worked on in week one.

Sticker Letters has its own carry case.  They get sorted by color, and then into a zip top
bag and that goes into a paper file.  Mine is a Crop In Style paper file carry case.
This then stacks nicely onto my rolling bag and is always ready to go.

I enjoy all of the great colors, sizes and fonts that the letters come in but we can get to
a point where there is too many to work with so my new thing is to buy only black or
white letters.  the black always match and I love mixed font titles so it won't matter if all of
the E's are missing from one package.The white are versatile because you can ink,
paint or mist them to be the color you want. 

And lastly, sticker sheets go into a sticker binder.  This is one of the areas I will be working on this week. Most of the stickers are no longer matching the age of my kids and my scraping style has changed over the years. I find that I am using stickers less and less so they will be going into the Blessings Box after I throw out the trashed ones.

For more ideas go to The Little Blue House Blog and see what
Miss Tracy has in store for you.
You know it will be Functional and Stylish.
Leave a comment there too. 
She is giving a prize to one lucky commenter.

Merry Organizing Everyone!


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