Friday, January 21, 2011

Get It Together Inspiration


This is the craziness that was a section of my supplies and paper.
When we grow out of our previous organizational style and get to the
"I'll tend to that later"
 point, this is what happens.  It makes it hard to work and
create, very uninspiring. 


This is the same area with the like totes grouped together holding like product. 
Much nicer. The top is holding the items that I use most often with the
stuff inside the drawers. No more clutter needing to be put away
because it is all put away.  I'm happy with this arrangement.

The other wall is still a work in progress but most of that is put away too. 
I'm at the point of organizing the inside of the drawers.  The pile behind the
sofa is gone and organized and were only in week two. 

Tell me, how are your embellies coming along???

Don't give up!

You still have the whole weekend before Mondays post.

You can do it!

I have faith in you.

Call us at The Little Blue House you have any questions.


Merry Organizing Everyone!



  1. I like the ribbon style on card board and in photo boxes. I am doing that.
    Well have it together when my Husband puts my
    shelfs up.....
    Went to buy the boards today.

  2. Looks great - you are so ahead of me!

  3. hey Rhonda

    This looks great....I have my embellishments all done... now my ribbon...UGH! I will have a update on my blog in the next few days...and it is crazy... watch for