Tuesday, February 1, 2011

And We're Home, But...

 CaN I gO bAcK.  The weather was so nice.

As pretty as the snow can be, I like blue skies better.
AND, this is not snow, it's ICE!
It rained all night but it sounded like someone was throwing gravel on the window because it froze on the way down.

Anyway, since it is Texas this will all be gone by the end of the week...please be gone by the end of the week. My feet are cold!

Enough of that, want to hear some CHA tidbits?

It was a exciting experience to go shopping on a mega scale.

Miss Tracy and the LBH Gals have picked out some beautiful, fun and interesting things.  I think you will like it all. I sure do.

On the flight home(OMG the flight home...ScArY!!)
my brain was reeling with ideas. Elaine and I
were like kids talking about what to do with this or that.
So fun. I love my job!!!

We found a couple of new companies with some amazing papers:
This is a pennant by Vintage Market Street
Such fun prints and the girls there were so nice. 
We did a cute make and take. We'll have to see if we can
recreate it at the LBH
(Unfortunately my sample didn't fair well in the trip. My suitcase decided it had
had enough traveling. I was lucky to get it home after careful inspection)

We talked to a few Chipboard companies. 
There were designs with some intricate laser cut details. 
They are beautiful.  Ahh, the potential there.  Who knows what great creation will come from those.
We'll have to wait and see.

String, twine, rope, hemp, cording....
and in some fantastic colors. 
Not the materials of yester-year.

Monochromatic displays always catch my eye.
And there were plenty. Rainbows of goodies to work with.

And then there is the ribbon. 
New rosettes on ribbon, new colors
of silk and cotton and linen.   
Just lovely.

After we get back into the store, we'll have some goodies to share with you.  The first of the new mechandise will start rolling in around the end of February. 

While Miss Tracy, Elaine and Susan are creating, Kristyn and I have the job of finding homes for the new mechandise.  Anyone have an Acrylic Paper Stand to donate to the LBH? I think I might need one more.

Good Problem to have as far as I am concerned.

Also, Thank You to everyone that posted comments on the LBH blog.  We enjoyed reading them each night.  You girls are so sweet. It brought tears to my eyes once or twice.

Plus, keep checking in at the LBH.
Miss Tracy has some fun posts coming
up and are you happy about the catch-up week or what! 
I know I am.  I need some time to
prepare my paper for the next post. 
Keep up the ribbon wrapping and embellie sorting.

Hope to see you all soon.

Stay Warm!



  1. oooh look at all those lovely goodies. It sounds like you all had a super time. It's not any warmer here in the UK, if that helps!!!

  2. I am so excited for all of it!!!!!

  3. Hey Rhonda...its the end of the week.... lol..

    I have had some fun time crafting during our storms...and now looking foreward to the stuff you guys brought back for us to play with..

  4. I'm sad that we didn't get to meet :( Chicago?
    I love seeing other people's cha photos. I am always like, ugh, I missed that booth! lol