Sunday, July 26, 2015

Patience My Child...

I am by no means a fast paced person, but I can certainly take 
Instant Gratification for granted. (Shame on me, I know.)  
I can be impatient.  I do like things done in a timely manner. 
Photos and information get to people faster via FB, e-mail, 
Snap Chat, Instagram. Even Priority Mail is only pennies more
 in price from regular mail nowadays. Yes, let's send it Priority.

 This is my instant garden.
This took an afternoon to plant. We went to the garden center, made 
our purchase and came home to plant. Voila' instant garden.

We don't go into the back yard very often. It's sort of a blank canvas 
waiting  for us to add more of anything. There's a fire pit, without seating. 
A couple of newly planted trees. Not much shade from them yet. And the compost pile. 

I hadn't added much of anything to the compost pile this year. 
January through March was really cold. April and May 
was always raining. And by June it was hot and  I was out of the habit
of composting. I did go into the back to throw the ball with this guy...
Coach likes to play catch! All. Of. The. Time.
I usually stay on the patio which is around the corner from the 
rest of the yard and has no view of the compost pile.

Then, in July, we went on a Cruise for vacation.  We were gone for 
ten days and when we came back the compost looked like this...
It rained while we were gone so there was ample water and 
sun for this to grow.  This is what happens when you don't turn your compost 
pile for a couple months. We were adding the lawn clippings but that was it.

I thought it was the pumpkin seeds that we tossed in last fall.
Big leafy vine and yellow flowers...Pumpkins!
A few days later my husband says we have "Pumpkins" growing. HA!
I was thinking that's early but look at the vine, Yea! Pumpkins!!

It's Cantaloupe.  Lots and lots of cantaloupe.

And they are beautiful.  ( I'm laughing at myself too...pumpkins.)

Now, they have looked like this for a whole week.

When are they going to be ready??

I'm really wanting to dig into them now!

But NO! I have to be patient. They need more time on the vine.  

These things are getting so big. 


More waiting?

I'm not a patient gardener.


I can wait. I know they will be delicious. 

I've Googled "When a Cantaloupe is ready for picking."
So I keep checking to see if the signs are there for them to be picked.

And I know there is a lesson in here for me because a few Bible verses
popped into my head as I have made comments about my little
Haphazard Garden of Cantaloupe.

I've searched recipes for some sweet summer drinks with 
cantaloupe and friends will be getting a melon or two when they are 
ready to be picked.

But for now, I am learning to be patient because that's all I can do.


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