Monday, February 6, 2012

CHA Recap and a Travel Story.

Good Morning,

With Winter CHA officially behind us and photos
mostly edited it is time to show off a few things from the 
show. But first , a travel story...

When getting in line to be scanned at the airport, do you try
to get in the line that will move you through the fastest?  While
waiting our turn we had seen a couple with a little baby in a
front pack carrier. You know, the ones that hang over
your shoulders in front of you so baby can see your face. Well, this
couple had hustled up to the scan area and looked like they
were not messing around.  Mom had baby and baby's bag,
and Dad had the duffel bags. Only when I got in line behind them,
and at this point was committed to the line I chose, shoes and
sweater off, computer out, I notice that the duffel
bags were actually cat carriers. 
TWO cat carriers, each containing TWO ginormous cats.
Each cat had to have weighed 50lbs. Mom and baby were
already scanned but Dad had to be scanned with each cat.
I'm sure my eyes had the look of surprise because after the
second cat was scanned and Dad was coming back for cat #3,
the TSA agent called  me to go through.  As I was getting scanned and patted
down(which was another funny little story) I couldn't help but watch the
cat family. The cats were hilarious, they looked like seasoned travelers. 
Dad would grab one and that cat would just hang like dead weight.
All fours down by their sides bouncing as Dad took his
hurried steps back and forth through the scanners, and a look of Ho-Hum
on those fluffy faces. Then Dad would replace each cat with ease. Amazing!
Now, had that been my cat ,she would have all four legs stiffened and
sticking straight out in front of her with a look of "Aw, Hell NO!"
written all over her face, ready to grab any unsuspecting passenger or
doorway to keep from getting back into that carrier.
But not these cats, I was quite impressed.

Anyways, on to why we took the trip in the first place...CHA!

We had a fabulous time meeting the
people from our favorite companies. Everyone was
so excited to be there and a few companies were
excited to see The Little Blue House.  We felt so welcomed.

Our friends at Maya Road can sure come up
with some great inspiration with their amazing mists,
zipper trim and printed Kraft embellies.

 But what caught my eye was the creative
banners used to decorate the booths.
Whether they were large or small, they all had a
uniqueness to them
 This 4th of July banner was from Pebbles

 Glitz went all out with a mix of paper chains,
folded papers, and paper lanterns

This one had sewn fabrics...

This one from Adorn It was torn fabric.

 Sewn Canvas from Canvas Corp,

 and Book Board and papers from 7Gypsies.

 I love this one the best.  A mix of baking cups,
coffee filters,and doilies. So Cute!

 Paper pennants and ribbons at the Bazzill booth.

And strung to a tree, which was also decorated.

So much to please the eye.

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And of course, the Little Blue House blog.

Merry Creating!



  1. Hi Rhonda, I wasn't expecting you to say they were cat carriers! :)

    Looks like there was plenty of inspiration at CHA XX

  2. Hilarious cat story - too bad you didn't get photos.