Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Isn't This Cute...

I think this heat has me moving in slow motion.  
I have been finishing up on a few details on layouts from my retreat 
but I still haven't taken any pictures of them to post for you. 
I did have some pictures of things that I have come across that
are too Cute to leave Unmentioned. The first is this treat tower:
My friend Kim saw a similar one on Pinterest and 
made one for herself.  She brought it to our retreat full of brownies, 
cookies and Andes' Mints.  Kim is the BEST! (Of course I got the picture
at the end of the weekend after all goodies had been eaten.)

This next photo is of an ottoman I saw on a house tour. 
Isn't this great!
 I have the ottoman, I have the license plates, and the drill. 
(Just waiting for Poor Old Kitty Norm to exit)

This is a Bulletin Board. (One of two)
It is hung over a desk. One had the traditional
notes and reminders pinned to it with a few 
pictures, but this one caught
my eye because it was more of an inspiration board.  
Small empty frames were hung to
display the pretty stems of flowers or papers. the other 
frames have photos in them. The best part was
that the cork was covered with this thick weave rattan. 
(And I love the 12x12 lace die cut.)
The boards were very striking to me. I love the 
different textures and dimension. 
It's a good multitasking board, 
decorative and functional.

this last one is Incredible!
 You can buy on here.

Or, get a canvas, your old band pins and a glue gun.

I LOVE this one!

I hope you enjoyed this. 
Just a few things to do if your sticking close to home.
If you are out and about, stop by the LBH.
We have a little Sale going on.
and check it out!

Merry Crafting,



  1. Sorry, had a typo in the first comment! Love the treat tower! LOL. The bulletin board is my favorite though! CUTE!

  2. lots of inspiration Rhonda....my favourite has to be the badge heart xx

  3. All candy to my eyes... makes me want to create.... :D