Friday, March 18, 2011

It's Friday and The Wait is Over!

 But it has been feeling a little like Christmas building up to today
and we get to do this every month??? So FUN!

A Little Birdie Told Me...

You have been waiting for this all week.

Here is a full picture of my first project.
I love these papers.

You can purchase your own kit at
It includes instructions for 5 complete projects and will leave 
enough product left over for others.  

Starting on Monday following the kit reveal you will have access to
There you will be able to view all of the Design Team's
projects in one location.  And later down the road we
will have you add in yours.

Now let me update you a little on our LIVE webcast show.

It officially starts at 8:30 tonight.
But check in early, you will want to see every minute of the show!
While preparing for the webcast there will be a little pre on-air play.

Click here to get to the U-Stream

If you would like to log into the chat,
you will have to open a U-stream account if you don't already have one.
(No Account needed to just watch.)

One LUCKY chatter on tonight's webcast
will receive a kit of their very own.

This sounds familiar!

Oh yes, one LUCKY commenter on the LBH blog
will also receive a kit. That's TWO chances to win a kit.

IF we happen to be on at the same time as your favorite show,
we give you permission to set the TIVO or DVR
because you won't want to miss this.

Not only will we show the contents of the kits,
we will also show you a little technique we call the...

If you would like to learn the technique as we are
demonstrating, here are a few supplies to have ready:

A mister of water
one hand towel
one 6"x1" piece of cardstock or chipboard
one 12"x1-1/2" length of printed cardstock
A glue gun or liquid Quick Dry glue
(if you are using a glue gun, plug it in at the start
of the webcast and it will be ready to go when we are.)

Here is a little closeup sneak of the kit again,

Would you like to meet the Design Team?
Check them out here:

Oh, here's another sneak

I hope you will join us tonight.

Miss Tracy and the Blue House Gals
are pumped to be coming to you LIVE.

It will be a full Fun-O-Rama of an hour.

See you then!



  1. Why didn't I think to emboss my birdies?? sigh... love it Rhonda and it's sold out in record time eh?

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous Rhonda!!! Good "seeing" you last night!! :))

  3. Great job last night! Loved your little burst in wave goodbye at the end. It made me smile!

  4. Love that layout Rhonda! Missed you guys last night. :)