Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lotions & Potions: Know What You Have

After organizing and clearing out your Lotions and Potions,
Do you know what you have?

Do you have a way to keep track of them?
Did you learn you had double purchased some L&P's?

Here are a few tips to help you keep track of your L&P's.

Write it down.

Use composition book to keep things in order.  This one has a few sections. One for books and music I want to buy, another for stores I want to visit.(Most requiring some drive time.), and another for purchases of L&P's I have made.
This section helps me to remember what
I already own so that I am not purchasing duplicates. 

You can swipe the color of your L&P's directly into the journal.  This works great for things like Liquid Pearls, Puff Paints, Stickles or other glitter glues. A small line of the color followed by the name. Allow to dry before closing, and your done.

Before you get all impressed by that, I had made plenty
of duplicate purchases before making this journal. 
But, the best thing I did was to finally Write It Down.


 Make a Swatch

This swatch sample is for Shimmerz paints.
At the Little Blue House we needed a sample of the
colors of Shimmerz that we carry so we used some
muslin cut into 3"x6" strips. Painted a sampling of the Shimmerz
 and labeled with a folded piece of cardstock.
Then we strung them on a book ring.

For home I did the same.
I only have a few colors but I cut extra swatches
because I know me, I'll be buying more.  I like Shimmerz.

This also works well with sprays and mists.

If you don't have fabric, white cardstock works well too.
It also makes a good sample swatch when matching colored cardstock to your various L&P's. And it's easy to tote.

Here is a swatch sample using Glimmer Mists.
Check out the tutorial by clicking the link below.

Here is a sampling for Ranger Product.
Click below for more Ranger Swatch page ideas. 
You can go to the Ranger website and download
color charts for all of your favorite Ranger Product.

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Merry Organizing!

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  1. i have note books for everything....but not for lotions and potions!! great tips thanks x