Sunday, February 13, 2011

Get It Together: Week 5

This week we are organizing our
Lotions and Potions. 
You know... those inks and mists,
paints and pastes, and adhesives of all kinds.

My storage is all plastic. 
My craft area is also my dining room so my
storage is all mobile too.  This way I can move it all
out when it's time for guests to come for
a holiday dinner.
Not very stylish but practical for my needs.

My paints and adhesives are in one drawer.
I have a small selection so everything fits in this drawer.

The same goes for my glitter and Stickles, it's still a
good variety of colors for me so the one drawer is plenty.
(Notice there is room to grow should I need it)

My mists have yet to get a home but there is a plastic
 drawer just about to get a Mists label. 

If it Creative storage ideas you crave, go to the local thrift store and redo an old dresser. Use the drawers for hang shelving and
add shelves to the cabinet.

Use CD shelves for storing paints and mists.
You can see all that you have and it is an fairly inexpensive
purchase from any big box department store.
(plus you can paint and distress them to match your space.)

laundry/mud rooms - baskets storage bins lowes wire shelving  Laundry room  storage baskets

Shelving and baskets with good labels are always a
perfect way to go when organizing any room.

dens/libraries/offices - painted furniture desk  craft room  painted desk, wire baskets and chair.
Isn't this a cute room.

Sometimes the best place to start looking for new storage is
in your home or garage.  Have the kids moved and left behind a
dresser or bookshelf?  That may be just the item you need to
hold your supplies. Repurposing can be a time and money saver.

For more information go to the Little Blue House
blog and see what we're up to. 

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Merry Organizing Everyone!



  1. you have some great ideas for stash organising. My scrap space is the dining room too and i have to find room to put things when we have people over xx

  2. You've shared some great ideas for all our "lotions and potions." Thanks.

  3. great post..especially like the image of redoing an old dresser!!!