Monday, February 28, 2011

Get It Together: Week 7

This week we are organizing our, Punches, Dies, Tools and the Accessories that go with them.

While sorting what you own don't forget to ask yourself those organizing questions.

1. Do I have more then one of the same or similar?

2. Is it worn out so much that it is aggravating to use?

3. Do I have a use for it anymore?

4. Is it broken?

5. Is it too complicated to use?

Answer these questions and follow through with what
you know you should do. It's a little tougher because tools don't run out or dry up, but they do outgrow their usefulness and clearing the items out will open up some valuable work and storage space.

Most of my supplies are kept in portable totes but I But they can out grow their usefulness. And letting go will allow us to free up our work and stroage spaces from unnecessary clutter.
do have one cabinet nearby that I use to hold
my Sizzix, dies and the larger Xyron. 
I don't usually tote these anywhere
so they stay secure and out of view in this cabinet.

When it comes time for the annual weekend retreat, the girls and I will make requests from each other for dies we may want to use over our crafty weekend. For this I pull out a garden tool bag I bought one year on clearance. It is the perfect size for carrying my Sizzix machine along with a few of the larger dies, and the outside pockets will hold several of the smaller onesWhen shopping for bags or totes to hold a specific item, make sure to take along measurments. This may save you from having to make exchanges or returns. 

Cricut and the Big Shot
For a few of my other tools, a repurposed
microwave cart was the answer. 
 I attached a power stripe to the cart and this is
where I plug everything in. There are hooks on one side
that allows me to hang the glue gun and heat gun to
cool before putting them away. 
It holds my Cricut and the few cartridges I own,  
a bag of embossing folders and my Big Shot,
a small drawer for the Cricut cartridges without a
box and the extra blades and tools for the Cricut and 
 a light box that my dad made when he was taking
photography classes many years ago.
(I love that big heavy box, and it works well too.)



I am using the same drawers I had them in, I just did a little sorting by size and type and straightened them out. I did have to throw one away.  And then I sent a few to the blessings box. I was surprised that it only took a few minutes. Why didn't I do this months ago???
(I'm sure it was laziness, but it's done now!)

Other Tools
Here are a couple of totes that were purchased
at the hardware store.

This one I found at Home Depot.  I thought is was a clever use of the paint bucket after we were done painting.  The bag was only $6 or $7 but after getting everything in it I realized that the pockets were too narrow and shallow. I'll hold on to it though, I know something will come up.
So then I dug this one out from the garage. It is tall with roomy pockets on the side. I have it holding my glue guns, heat gun, ribbon iron, and a miniature light box.

I like that the pockets are deep so all of the cords fit nicely inside with the item they're attached to. I originally bought this bag to hold the paint tools I was toting in and out when we first moved into our current house. You never know what you might find when looking around in the garage.

For more storage ideas hop on over to the
Little Blue House blog.
The gals have somemore great ideas to store and organize.
Plus, Miss Tracy will have the winner from last weeks posting.

Thanks for stopping by.

Merry Organizing Everyone!



  1. I like it!! Love your roly cart!!

  2. Hi Rhonda, I have given up sorting out my punches, they only stay nice and neat (like your after photo)for a short while!!! You are so well organised xx have a lovely week xx

  3. Well Miss Rhonda you have been hard at work I see... I love the micorwave cart deal..and the hooks to hold the glue gun...great idea...

    glad I stopped by have re inspired me to get going again.