Saturday, January 1, 2011

I Gotta Get Organized

Happy New Year!
It's 2011 and time to Get Organized. 
Do you make those sorts of resolutions? 

Reduce the Clutter
Get Organized
Yadda, Yadda!

 I don't, but I do like to be organized and if you were to walk
into my crafting area, aka the front dining room, it looks like I
 have made a failed effort to be organized. Too many piles on top
 of the tote of drawers. They are out of control and making me crazy.
(not to mention my DH)

So, at The Little Blue House we are going to help you, and me,
"Get it Together"
(just in time, whew!)

This workshop has three sessions to choose from.
We will begin with making a file folder book to help us sort and
find all those "whatevers" we have misplaced or piled and put
 them in a working system.The projects to help do that are amazing,
both stylish and functional.

Then, from January 10th through February, we will follow up the workshop
with a weekly blog post to continue "getting it together." The transformation
 will happen gradually taking it task by task. We will post about one element of
our craft spaces and give the hints and techniques needed to
organize our supplies. We can then take the time between posts to
 complete the task. Hopefully that will be enough for even
the largest of craft spaces. 

For you Out of Towners, even if you can't do the workshop,
check in with the LBH, I'm sure we will have something
that will help you too. Check out the LBH blog at

To sign up for the "Get it Together" Workshop,
call the LBH at 817-431-7930

I can't wait to get started. 

Merry Organizing Everyone!



  1. Great post Rhonda! It will be a fun 8 weeks!

  2. Sounds exciting and just what I'm needing! Can't wait:o)

  3. Rhonda, I am so glad that you will be headed to CHA, I really hope we would run into each other!!!