Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Get Ready to Organize!

I must have the organizing bug because I have been moving and tossing and storing for 4 days now.  It started with talking about the Workshop at the Little Blue House.  Then the other day a friend on Facebook was commenting that she wanted to organize her craft space and closets.  "Closets, that's a great idea!" I thought.  So I cleaned a closet. There is so much room for (new?) towels and sheets without them crammed in or falling off the shelf.

Then my son says he would like to have space in the garage for him and his friends to play music.... well,OK! And out goes more boxes and a corner desk that really didn't work for our purposes. Why do I hold on to these things?

Next was the Laptop.  Can't find any of the files I want amongst the old and out of date files. 
So Delete I did. (Or condensed into a single file where needed)

And tomorrow morning at The Little Blue House is the first  
of 3 workshop times to help us
"Get it Together!"With Style. 
I am ready,ready, ready!!! Just look at the disaster area.
(And yes, that is carpet on the wall. 
 Don't laugh!...the remodel of our house is a slow one.
we've only been there 5 years with a kid in college for most of it.)

Tonight, after the laundry and dinner are done, I am going to find
all of my empty jars, (believe me I have them haging around.) and baskets
to get ready for filling and labeling, along with the box for donations,
 recycle bin and trash bin. 

Are you ready to join me and the Little Blue House?
Remember, we are going to take it a task at a time. 
We don't want anyone regretting they started.

Call the LBH to sign up for the workshop at 817-431-7930

If you don't make it to the workshop, follow us at the LBH
as we post each week for the next 8 weeks all the tips and
suggestions that we can find to help you
"Get it Together,"
With Style!

Merry Organizing Everyone!



  1. There's something about having a good ole sort out to start of a new year. I've done exactly the same thing. Good luck with the rest of your reorganisation :) and Happy New Year

  2. Thanks Louise, I'm getting some good ideas from Tracy and Susan this morning to do just that.