Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sketchbook Project update

Well, my little artist picked up her sketchbook today.  (the mailbox is across the street so we don't always pick it up right away...sorry Mr. Postman) She was very excited! 
She picked the theme "coffee and cigarettes". I think it was to challenge herself because she does not indulge in either if these. So she grabbed the Unopened container of coffee and made a sludge to paint with. 
Now, I think I have a talented artist here. The faces of her people are beautiful.  She spent the majority of the day painting with coffee filling about half of the sketchbook. Dad gave her ideas for some cigarette sketches,  we'll see what comes of that.
I don't have pics as of yet.  I have to buy batteries for the camera...rats!!! I was just at the market too!  I will post some soon.

Proud Mom signing out

Good Night!

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