Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Retreat Weekend

This weekend was dedicated to hanging with my peeps. We spent the weekend scrapbooking at the Oak Street Cottage in Roanoke, Texas. It is a cute 100 year old house in the middle of a small town with lots of good restaurants in walking distance.
It was a very productive weekend as well. I personally got 54 pages completed, most with journaling.
Sketches and PoWer LAyOutS girls...POweR LayOUtS!
No matter what goal was accomplished or not, having time to be in the presence of special people who truly care about, love and support you; laugh and tease and will listen to your opinions (and maybe a few vents) and still want to be your friends. How blessed am I to have this many in one place who do.
Cheers to my Peeps!
I posts some of the layouts soon.
Happy Crafting!

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  1. It was SO much FUN! We made some great memories this weekend! Countin' the days till the next time...