Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fabric and My Funny Girl

This is my funny funny daughter.  This is what I get with the vibrant teenage girl whom I adore.She has grown into a beautiful person but when I pull the camera out to document the occasion these are the faces I get. 
However, the reason for this post is to answer  the question we often get at the store. 

What do you do with fabric? 
Well, I treat the fabric like most other embellishments. 

I use it as a border here.

I then used the fabric to make flowers as shown here:

These are the rosette flowers we made in Scrapstashers and a few other classes at Anthologies. They turn our unique and beautiful every time.  On this LO I added the green crochet thread and a gem to the middle, and a leaf topped pin from Maya Road. Of course a few buttons to compliment the colors of my page and I'm happy. 

Happy crafting!

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