Monday, February 8, 2016

What season is it??

Hello New Year...

and, really!  What season is it anyway???

I feel like I've been through a time warp 
from early November to the present.  
I kept busy with a house face lift, family time, holidays, and work.
 Then all of a sudden it's January, then February...
Happy New Year!

The great Texas weather doesn't help to keep me on track either.  
It's cold, it's warm, it's crazy raining and warm,
then crazy rainy and cold.  CraZy!!
(I'll take the warm though, it's my kind of weather.)

So, what is on the agenda for the New Year?
A few TO DO items:
1. Continue My Bible Journaling.  
I have embraced this form of worship and it has been amazing for 
getting into the habit of Bible Study, learning and remembering more of the content
 of my readings, and using up art supplies. (Bonus!)

2. More household makeovers.  Minor ones, but I 
can't wait to see them completed.
These were my pre-holiday makeovers.
New wall colors and/or new location for old stuff.  
(Curtains are wrinkle free now. lol)

3. More Little Blue House stuff.  
Miss Tracy has some great workshops coming up and I am going 
to attend more of them.  Putting off creating didn't help to keep 
 my own creative MoJo flowing.  That is changing this year
and this is what I'm making tonight!...Love!

4. More traveling. Yay!  I miss my kids, and 
my friends and I just want to see things.  
My latest one was to Corpus Cristi to see my girl. But I didn't take any
pictures, shame on me. With a stop at Magnolia Market for a quick look
at the new location (not at all disappointing).
A retreat and a trip to Washington D.C. this summer. Can't wait!

 Rehoboth, Delaware

New York

Waco, Texas

That's the short list.  But a good start to the new year.

Happy February!


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