Monday, May 25, 2015

The Ever Changing Craft Room...

Good Morning and Happy Memorial Day!

For us here in North Texas, it will be a wet one.
But that won't stop us from gathering and celebrating
our freedoms with friends and loved ones, and giving reverence
to those who have sacrificed so much for this privilege. 
Plus, it is filling up the lakes and ponds,
which have been in dire need of refilling.

Having so much rainy weather has also kept us inside,
 and, for me, in the craft room if I wasn't at the Little Blue House.

The kids have been home from college and I recruited
them to help with few projects around the house.

One being a new (Pinterest inspired) craft desk.

These are what I liked/pinned...
scrapbook room

And this is what I (me, my son, and my hubby) put together.

In my 12'x13' room, I chose a table top that 
measured 40"x60" which allowed me room to walk
 around the desk while leaving my storage along
 the walls in place.  And after measuring the center 
area that would accommodate the desk, I purchased 
 2 Martha Stewart cube shelving units from Home Depot.
These measured approximately 35x35x11.  We had the 
HD guy cut a 3/4" MDF board to my 40"x60"dimensions
and we're ready to go.  

I built the cube storage units and placed the table top
with the help of Shea, my son's GF and fellow crafter.
(Everyone helps out in this house. :D)

The backing that came with the shelves was this...

12x12 folded cardboard.  
The norm for most shelving units. 

But, for stability, hubby decided to purchase
some hardier board backing, which looks like this...

The nails that came with the shelves was 
sufficient to hold this backing. (yea!) This will also give the
 shelves some much needed sturdiness since they will 
be holding the heavy MDF board table top.

And, to keep the MDF from bowing after time, we
added a 90 degree angle bracing to both sides of the table.
Secured with with screws and DONE!!
(My heart is jumping for joy at this point!)

I now have a craft table to give me plenty of room to create.

I have already reaped the benefits to having a taller desk.
I like to stand while creating.  With my previous desk I would be bent over a bit and found that I would feel stiff and sore when  straightening up, and now, since I am standing straight already, my back is not as achy as before.  (Yea! again!)

Plus, my daughter and I we able to create without 
having to step over, disturb, or move one aside for the other to gather supplies.  We  have already had a full evening of crafting and chatting, which are two of our favorite things to do together.

Our kitty, Peter Olivia, has also found a spot to call her own.

I love when a plan comes together.

I hope you have a Happy and Blessed Memorial Day.

Thank you for stopping by my little corner of the web.

Merry Creating!



  1. you done a good job. It's a lovely space to craft in x