Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A little of this...

And  a little of that...
that's what's been happening at the Merry Homestead.

Before working on my Front Porch Kit
I did a front porch season change. 

 The Fall weather is slowly trying to set in.  
Days are still warm(yesterday, very warm)
 but the nights were cooling off
just enough to irritate a few of the plants on
the front porch, so in they came. It's hard to kill
a rhododendron from lack of watering, but let it
stay out in cold air and it will turn ugly, fast!

So, remember the Pinterest search from my last
month's post?  That was a tidbit of what caught 
my interest.  What I was pinning heavily was the 
fall porch ideas.

And from all of the ideas I have this...
A  few mums from the Home Depot nursery, 

a few pumpkins from Wal-mart,(which I washed in the 
bleach water solution I read about on Pinterest to try and
 help them last longer...we'll see.) 

hand crafted wood  leaf garland 
project from the Little Blue House to 
add to my burlap wreath. 

The mini ladder was found on the side of the road 
by my daughter, and the little orange ceramic vase was 
made by my oldest son in an art class in 2006ish.  
I think it makes  the entry look warm and welcoming. 

Yes, I think fall is still my favorite time of year.

I'm going to add more pumpkins to the rest 
of the garden as soon as the local church 
starts their fundraiser pumpkin patch. which should
 be any day now. But for the start of fall I love 
the change of the entry area.

Enjoy your fall!