Friday, August 29, 2014

Good Morning,

I've gotten out of the routine of posting except for our 
Front Porch kits at the Little Blue House.
But I haven't stop much. The last time I was here I had just 
completed the projects for our LBH "Weekend Adventure" Front Porch Kit.  
Here were a couple of projects that didn't get posted.  
 Let's Go!  Layout

Weekend Adventure Journal page for my Art Journal.
I've made a page for each kit, I'll have to post that one day.

In May my daughter graduated from high school. The day
after graduation she started work at the Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico.
A beautiful 10 hour trip there. A 1 hour last minute visit and registration and 
it was goodbye for the summer.

You can't beat the view though. 
She loved her summer "job".  What few conversations we 
had, they all included, "It's perfect up here!"

She came home 3 days before having to leave for college.
Lunch with Mom and Grandma and another goodbye. 

So off to work I go with lots of fun things to do.
Summer classes were fun.
Scrapbook Convention, and Creating Keepsakes University with
the launch of Back Porch Bundles from the Little Blue House.

What are Back Porch Bundles??

The Newest Edition to The Little Blue House family!
Back Porch Bundles are the Ultimate Paper Crafting Bundle... If you are familiar
 with our Front Porch Kits, this is a miniature version designed for the Scrapbooker.  

They cost $24.99 each and we hand selected a variety of patterned papers, cardstock, embellies and special surfaces to coordinate and then used them all to create 5 layouts.  With each kit, you get a color printed inspiration gallery of the 5 layouts so that you can recreate them yourself, or you can use the supplies to make your own creations.  After you have made your pages there are usually leftovers to make a card, tag, add to additional pages, whatever you want. 

currently Back Porch Bundles are available in house only...
we are working on getting them online.... You can order over the phone if you would like! 

 I played a lot of ball toss with Coach.
He loves to fetch. And FeTch and FEtCH and FETCH!!

 And in between playing fetch or when I ignore him, 
he would wrestle with Peter Olivia the Cat.
If she will have none of him,
He returns to deliver me the ball while I'm at the computer...

and waits for me to toss it.  

This is a regular view.  (I am tossing the ball as I am writing my post.)
Makes it hard to get any crafting (or posting) done.  But I will manage.

I/we (some included my hubby) completed some summer projects:
I repainted a room for Grandma to stay with us. (not shown)

We enclosed the backyard. 7 years with no gates.
It was needed with this guy.
He's such a cutie.

It was nothing complicated but necessary.
Gate side.

Enclosed side.  Hubby did most of the work.  
Got some help from a boy scout that stopped by.  
I was grateful, it was a heavy fence.

We fenced off a compost pile too.
I think those were pumpkins starting to grow. 
(They didn't make it)

we used the leftovers of a gate project.

Dirt Pile Hidden!!
Yes, it's compost.  It really comes in handy to 
have fresh nutritious dirt around. 

Refinished the bathroom cabinet.
Before: And it's not a bad picture...
it really needs a facelift.

After: I may need a little more light to help show how
nice it looks but I need photography lessons and a brain that can
 retain information on how to use the features of my grown-up camera.

I painted and finished with a tinted wax.  
It really looks great up close.
I'm so happy with how it turned out.

I also added knobs that I found at Restore House Supply.
They're all patina-ed and old and beautiful.

Celebrated the summer holidays!
With friends. It was great!!

Went on a girls retreat to Oak Street Cottage.
 This is the shed behind the house. 

A view from the porch swing.

And the flowers along the walkway in town.

I just like nature shots.

Hmmm... what else.

Oh yes, a few antiquing/junking trips.
There are some clever artists out there.

Check these out.
A necklace made with an old key plate from a door.
A metal flower, pearls and a tarnished chain.
Vintage beauty from a little shop in Roanoke, TX.
A re-purposed entry door turned shelf unit.
Love it!

Old window and paint brush decor.

And another paintbrush decor piece.  
I really like this.

I created a Page Builder Layout for the Little Blue House.
Inspired by sending kids off to college.

And so much  more.  But I think I have said enough.

I hope you have had either a relaxing summer, or a productive one.
Whatever your measurement of a great summer is, enjoy it to the fullest. 

Merry Crafting!

Rhonda Merry


  1. Welcome back, Rhonda ... I need to get out there and see all of you - oh, and shop, too!!!

  2. It was lovely to see your post pop up in my blogger. It looks like you have been busy and your little guy is him!