Monday, August 29, 2011

More Project Reveals


On Friday the new "Time To..." 
kits arrived at the Little Blue House.
If you ordered yours already it will be 
waiting there with your name on it.  If you haven't 
ordered one there will be extras available
for pickup at the store.  Or you can order it on-line
  and have it shipped to you. 
Go to

The gallery is up and running.
 (We have had a few technical issues this month. 
Our apologies. )

From my kit I made this card.
 I used the "word" paper and cut it to get the 
"Amazing" in the right spot.
I wrapped the ribbon around the front of the card,
and knotted it. Mounted it on the 
Green cardstock from the kit.
Tied a bow around the knot, 
using the yarn also in the kit.

Now for the flag embellishment and butterfly.
There are so many companies using pennants and butterflies
in their paper lines.  I love them, they are just adorable.
And wanting to add more to my card I gathered a few of the items
from my kit to make my own.

Now it's "Time To" have a "How To":
 the pennant. 
 Included in this kit is a Popsicle stick.
Since I need a stick the size of a toothpick, I simply used 
my wire cutters to cut the Popsicle stick into thin sticks. 
(some sticks cut better than others)

Next, sand the edges smooth to 
keep edges from splintering too.

Then I cut a piece of paper about 1/2"x3"
Using my quick dry 
adhesive I ran a line of glue 
across half of the  paper.

Fold it in half around the stick and 
hold it there until your glue sets.

 Clip ends to for your flag.
 Two point pennant or
flag pennant shape.

Of course buying a set of already
made pennants is easy,
making them your self is fun and 
practical because you can 
make these using scrap pieces.
 Embellish as you like.
 Coordinate with your project colors.

 Or coordinate to collections 
don't have embellishments.

Now go make something great with your kit.
Merry Crafting!


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  1. great tutorial - i use pennants in cupcakes too!! xx