Monday, March 7, 2011

Tackling the Unorganized Photos

On Friday I gave some suggestions on how to organize your photos before the vacation.

Today we will get you started on the project that was not organized and is sitting in your photo stash waiting to get its rightful place in the scrapbook album.

Whether its a single vacation or a years worth of activities the process will be the same. Don't worry it won't be painful.  But if you enjoy the reminiscing, it may take longer then you think.  So stay focused the goal is to get your pictures ready for archiving. Let's save the reminiscing for when your album is done.

The first thing we need to do is Gather all the items going into the album. This would be the photos, brochures, cards, or any other memorabilia that go along with the occasion(s) you are going to work on.

Clear a space. The more events in the pile the more piles there will be, make sure you have room to work. 

Start Sorting. We're making piles of like activities. This may take going through the photos a few times so don't worry about the chronological order of your events just yet. If you are uncertain of which picture goes with which event start a new pile. Usually what happens while sorting, the memory of the events start to come back to you.  The piles will start to tell a story of what you did and the sorting will get easier.

 For the next step it will be helpful to have a pencil and post-it pad. ( I don't recommend using rubber bands. They can dry and get brittle and may stick to your pictures.)  Once the items are sorted we can Categorize.  This could be by activity, date, or anything that will tell the story of your occasion.  Label each pile with the post-its and start lining up in the order you want them to go in. If there are any other memories you would like to include, do so as you recall them.  This will help when it comes time to journal.

Place your organized project into a tote or photo box that will hold everything together and in order. 

With everything in one place you will have a good idea of the type of book you will need for your project.  There are many sizes and styles to choose from so make sure the album will be able to contain all of the items you want to save.  If you are uncertain of the size then it may be a good idea to have something that is expandable.

I hope this inspired you to get started on that overdue project.

Any Questions??? Let me know. Leave a comment and I will find an answer for you.

Now for an announcement  from the Little Blue House,

Friday, March 18th will be the premiere of our new Kit Club...

This is not just a Scrapbooker's kit it is a Crafter's kit.  If you love to scrapbook there are great coordinating papers and embellishments for you and if you are a crafter there will be dimensional and unexpected things to send your crafting to a new level.  If you are neither a crafter nor a scrapbooker we have thought of you too.  Each month our kits will include written instuctiuons to make 3 or 4 complete projects from one kit.  How does that sound? 

Miss Tracy and LollyChops have outdone themselves, it is Fabulous! I got to sneak a peek and WOW! I love it!

We will kick off the new Kit Club with a little Crop Party at the Little Blue House.  If you can't join us there then join us during the LIVE webcast at the link posted on the Front Porch Website. There will be more details posted there and I will keep you updated too.  Doesn't that make you feel warm and fuzzy all over?

Thanks for stopping by and  Merry Organizing Everyone.


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  1. Hi Rhonda, i'm guilty of having piles of activity photos and i have a few years of vacation photo's that i've not yet scrapped too. I will have to try out your ideas xx the kit club sounds great xx