Monday, November 15, 2010

12 Days of Ornamaments: Day 2

Here's the Day 2 ornament by Miss Tracy.
Just lovely!

Don't forget to get the full "How To" on all of
 the ornaments we will be presenting to you at

Plus a chance to win the actual ornament for that day if
 you leave a comment on the LBH blog. 
Wow! we sure know how to have some fun!
(I am actually getting a little nervous, my ornament
has to be posted on Thursday this week
and these are so very pretty.  Pray for me girls.)

Now for something I did do.

I haven't posted any projects here in quite a while but I promise I have been busy.   I am a good behind the scenes person so while we were preparing for classes last week, and finding that periodically we are having issues with the sewing machine during class, we did some investigative work.  It turns out that we were using the wrong bobbins in the sewing machine. (Smack the L on our head right about now!)  We then gathered the bobbins and removed them from the premises.  BUT! Not before Susan and I giggle and brainstorm about how cute a garland would be with them.

I got out the rolls of Twine and Jute
cause I love the look from them. 

I measured the Jute for a 6' garland plus 5" ends to add loops for hanging. 

 I picked out the larger of old black and white button from a collection of vintage buttons I bought at an antique store.

I then tore up fabric into strips and cut them down to about 2-1/2" lengths.

I left the thread on the bobbins that had it.  To keep it from unraveling I brushed on  adhesive around the thread. I then threaded the bobbins onto a 6" strand of jute to dangle from the main strand.

I laid the items for my garland in a the order I thought would look balanced while draped on my tree.

Using the twine for the buttons I then tied
them to my Jute strand at 2" intervals. 

My little garland is simple and understated,
 just how I like it.

I think I have the start of a themed
tree for this year.  I will have to
make the time to get just the right
ornaments to match my
Button & Bobbin Garland

Happy Crafting!

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  1. The garland turned out super cute Rhonda!