Thursday, October 7, 2010

Look at all that COLOR!!!

Distress Ink re-Inkers

If you haven't been to the Little Blue House yet then you may not know that we are carrying several lines of product that will add color to just about any project you have.  There is Distress Ink pads and reinkers,  StazOn ink pads, Perfect Pearls, Shimmerz, Stickles and Distress Stickles, Powder Puff ink pads, and Alcohol Inks.

Today Miss Tracy and I were making display samples for the Shimmerz products.  It was a lengthy task with some great results. 

After the swatches were all put together I thought..."I need to do this with my stuff."

  I do have some tags for my Distress Inks like the ones you see at top, but none for the other items that I have accumulated over the years.  I am guilty of buying duplicates of Stickles, embossing folders and cats-eyes ink pads. The thought going through my head is that this color will be great for my current project. NOT...."Do I have this color?", which is the question I should be asking myself. 

If you want to make swatches of your mists or paints like the ones we made for the Shimmerz then here is what to do.

Light weight Muslin
Cardstock scraps
Stapler or Tiny Attacher
Fine Tip Sharpie
One Book Ring

Step One: cut 2x6 in. strips of light weight muslin. (enough to have one swatch per color)

Two: Paint or spray color onto muslin strip and allow to dry completely.

Three: Write the product and color name on swatch with fine point sharpie.(Ex. Shimmerz Spritz, Pumpkin)

Four: Cut 2x2 in. squares of cardstock. Fold in half and staple (or sew) to top of swatch placing fabric between folded cardstock.

Five: Using a Crop-a-dile, punch a hole in center of cardstock topper. (Regular hole punch will not work going through fabric.)

Six: Place swatches on book ring. 

We used a separate ring for each set of swatches for our display.  You can keep all swatches on one ring until you have a full ring.  Then separate by product line if necessary.

This will be a good visual when trying to match products for your project or when it is time to shop for a new color. Place swatches in a spot that will allow you to reference them easily. If you store the items in a tote, box or basket, then this is where your swatches should be. If you want easier access to the swatches, try hanging on a hook at eye level or place in a basket of swatches where you create.  The colors can be an inspiration piece when working on projects too.

Happy Creating!


  1. Love your rainbow of colours. I found you through Lollychops, i will keep popping by to see what your are up to at the little blue house.

    Thank you for leaving a lovely comment on my blog, Louise xx

  2. Omg, I was going to do this for a Shimmerz video!!! Great minds or WHAT?? I'm not going to be so fancy with muslin though!! white cardstock will do for me, LOL!!!

  3. JingJing, You have to still do the video. The colors are more vibrant on white cardstock. We just like to trick things up now and then at The Little Blue House.

  4. Love the idea of having tags to help you match inks and sprays!! I have to get to work on that....I'll use up some scraps of white cardstock!
    Thanks for leaving the sweet comment on my blog!!

  5. It looks even better in person! I love what you guys are doing for display up there! Such awesome ideas that I am also doing for myself!